Cheers To Gin

This Saturday, 10th June, is the ninth annual World Gin Day, and what better excuse to indulge in a traditional G&T, gin fizz or martini?

Gin has come a long way since the 18th century when gin was the affordable alcohol for London’s working class leading to the ‘Gin Craze’ and the nickname Mother’s Ruin. In recent years, it has become an elegant tipple that has enjoyed a revival in trendy bars across Britain, including many bars that focus almost exclusively on gin.

The spirit which has juniper berries as its predominant flavour is one of the most popular and widely distributed range of spirits and has various origins, style and flavours.

Tax revenues from sales of spirits have overtaken those from beer for the first time amid record sales of gin, according to HM Revenue & Customs.

British drinkers downed 12% more gin last year, while beer revenue – despite the boom in craft beer – has fallen flat. Duties from spirits, which includes whisky and gin, rose by 7% to £3.37bn for the tax year 2016-17, while beer duty edged up by just 1% to £3.32bn.

Chase Distillery, in Herefordshire, produces pure ‘field to still’ premium gins and flavoured liqueurs alongside its range of premium World beating vodkas. One of the main features being their purity of ingredients, with no additives, no imported ‘base spirits’ from abroad and not being grain based vodka, as they are pure Herefordshire potato and apple based, means there is NO wheat. Making them Gluten Free!

Williams Gin founder William Chase says his Great British Gin is the first single estate English gin to be created in over 200 years.
“It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made out of vodka, so when we set out to make our fine gin we needed the perfect vodka,” explains Mr Chase.

“So after much experimenting, we have turned our organic cider apples, from our estate, into apple chase vodka.
‘We take our spirits very seriously and this is a very, very fine gin so that you can sip it neat but it’s also perfect for creating a well-balanced gin and tonic or a sweet martini,” he says. Juniper-led in taste profile, the gin’s supporting botanicals are cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, bitter almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, liquorice and lemon.

Gin Cocktail Recipes. Try our own Chase Gin recipe selection here

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Chase Gin Masterclasses.

Celebrate World Gin Day and beyond, at the Chase family owned ‘Verzon House‘ Boutique Hotel, near Ledbury, Herefordshire, with a Chase Cocktail Masterclass. Join their expert mixologist in creating cocktails using the number one spirit of choice in the UK. Purchase a Cocktail Masterclass and receive a free Chase Gin Tasting pack, worth £18, if booked during June – it’s the ideal World Gin Day celebration and the perfect Father’s Day treat. Full Details Here

Did you know?
• London Gin is a type of gin which is made around the world, not just in London.
• The term ‘Dutch courage’ originated when soldiers would drink what was then known as Dutch gin before going into battle
• Plymouth Gin was specified in the earliest-documented recipe for a Dry Martini in 1896

  • While James Bond liked his ‘shaken, not stirred’, martinis are in fact usually stirred.

For more information about what’s going on for World Gin Day visit the World Gin Day website

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