Producer Profile: Sixteen Ridges English Wine

The Sixteen Ridges vineyard was planted in 2007 under the careful guidance of Simon Day. Following extensive research and expansive knowledge of the soils and climate in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the 6 acre vineyard was planted with Pinot Noir. A variety which is not only known and loved my many connoisseur, but thrives in the UK climate.

The Sixteen Ridges vineyard resides on a sheltered Worcestershire hillside within a natural amphitheatre, with views stretching south along the Severn river valley, it captures maximum warmth and sunlight.

Closer to Simon’s home in Ledbury, in 2012 successful commercial orchard owner Cilla Clive planted, under Simon’s advice, 4 acres of vines at Redbank. The productivity of this site proved to be astonishing, a combination of excellent farming and prime location. In 2016 a further 4 acres will be planted.
Their first small crop from this vineyard was bottled at the end of 2014. With plans constantly evolving, they have named this first vintage ‘Curious’, reflecting the curious evolution of the vineyard, and brand. This may change as they do, but for now customers are trying it and enjoying the wine.

The growing potential of Redbank vineyard led Simon, Cilla and Angus; Cilla’s son, neighbour and entrepreneurial founder of Haygrove Ltd, to create a new business; Haygrove Evolution, under which their range of wine and cider businesses operate, this includes contract wine and cider making, vineyard consultancy, vine supply, branded sparkling wine production, and of course their award winning range of Wine, Cider, Perry, Juice and Ice wine.

Their winery currently resides at Dragon Orchard, Putley; home to the Big Apple, crop sharers and one of the oldest orchards in Herefordshire, farmed by the Staniers family for three generations.


Signature Chefs Sixteen Ridges Cuvee NEW 2017

Made by director/winemaker Simon Day.
Vintage: 2013

Cépage: Pinot Noir 65% Seyval Blanc 35%
Tasting Note:
Vivacious sparkling white wine made with Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc grapes. Lemon; baked apple; honeysuckle and hazelnut character with an elegant long clean finish. Try with smoked trout; salmon canapés or freshly shucked oysters



Sumptuous, rich palate of strawberry, cherry, redcurrant and raspberry – summer pudding in a glass! The vibrant acidity leaves the palate clean and crisp with long lasting raspberry finish.
The perfect aperitif or delicious alongside a bowl of ripe strawberries!

Made exclusively with Pinot Noir, using free-run and first pressings to achieve a light “salmon pink” colour, and to develop the berry fruit characters. Made in the Traditional (Champagne) Method with a secondary fermentation in the bottle, this wine has had over 12 months on yeast lees prior to disgorging to remove the yeast.


A fresh, crisp dry wine, elegant and very easy drinking with a long and fine finish. Aromas of lemon peel, honeysuckle and tropical coconut, with a palate of zesty citrus blossom, peach and buttery vanilla notes.
Pinot Noir is best known as a red wine grape variety, but this white wine is obtained by using the free-run juice that comes as the lightly crushed grapes enter our press.
As the majority of the colour comes from the skins of the grape, by avoiding long contact times we can obtain a clear juice of exceptional elegance.


Off-dry, full of gorgeous raspberry aromas and flavours, has the depth and finish to be drunk all year round.

A seductive, ripe and rich off-dry rosé. Deliciously balanced, bursting with flavour. Strawberries, raspberries and melon aromas lead to a lively fruity palate of berries and earthy cherries.

To get the colour we allow the juice and skins to macerate for around 8 hours before pressing. Following pressing the juice ferments in stainless steel tanks to mature for up to eight months.


Round and fruity with hints of spice. A light bodied red with cherry, raspberry and earthy vanilla notes to the aroma and palate, with a subtle soft oak finish.
Fermented on skin with regular “cap punching” by hand and extended maceration before pressing. The wine was then allowed to mature on oak for several months to achieve the complexity and soft rounded finish.


A dry wine with a crisp clean finish. Aromas of crushed basil lift from the glass on pouring, with herbaceous gooseberries on this punchy palate.
A lovely example of a pure varietal Bacchus.


Wine Match: Ideal with Asparagus dishes