Stéphane Borie

Stéphane grew up in Agen, in southwestern France.  He was surrounded by family who respected and loved food – from his Perigourdin Grandfather Marcel’s potager to his Aunties Jacqueline, Evelyne and Danielle’s refined culinary skills.

A severe kitchen apprenticeship in his hometown was followed by an invaluable experience in Bordeaux at La Tupina. This was perfect preparation for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for Michel Roux Snr at The Waterside in Bray. Seven years in this three Michelin star kitchen shaped and honed Stéphane’s skills and made him the confident and exacting chef he is today.

He launched his own restaurant at The Herbert Arms, in Chirbury, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, with his partner Sarah, who had also cooked at The Waterside Inn, and Sarah’s sister, Kathryn Francis. Then, when the opportunity arose, the three opened French restaurant The Checkers over the border in Montgomery, Powys.

They moved into The Checkers in 2011 and won a Michelin star within seven months.

The family-run Michelin-star restaurant with rooms offers classic French fine dining and luxury accommodation in an historic former coaching inn, The Checkers is the perfect place for a short break in Wales, or to celebrate a special occasion with our tasting menus, fine wines and local ale.

Stephane and Sarah have settled in Montgomery with their three children – Lexie, Roxanne and Fabien – all of whom share their parents’ passion for food. They published their debut book in 2016, called The Frenchman and the Farmer’s Daughters.

The Checkers, Montgomery
Family-run Michelin star restaurant with rooms, offering French fine dining and luxury accommodation.
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Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Mousse

By chef Stéphane Borie


Quickly whisk together the egg yolks and sugar for the mousse in a bowl and add the passion fruit purée. Place the bowl over a bain marie and continuously whisk to a minimum temperature of 165°C on a sugar thermometer. Remove from the heat and stir in the chocolate. Place the bowl back over the bain marie and stir the mixture until the temperature drops to 110°C. At this stage, all of
the chocolate will have melted. Remove from the heat and fold in the whipped cream at once. Transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate until needed.
To make the nougatine, bring the water, sugar and glucose to a caramel point on a sugar thermometer and add the flaked almonds; incorporate with a heatproof spatula. Leave to cool on a tray lined with greaseproof paper. Leave to cool completely and then break with a hammer. Blitz the broken nougatine with a hand blender until it resembles a powder. Thinly sprinkle on to a
clean tray lined with parchment paper and cook for ten minutes at 180°C. Once golden, remove from the heat, cut and roll into cigarettes of desired size. Leave to cool and store in an airtight container until needed.

To make the coulis, blitz together the strawberries and syrup and pass through a sieve. Transfer to a squeezy bottle.

Serve on a rectangular plate. Dress the fruit salad in an attractive, natural manner. Put a few dots of coulis over the fruit salad and sprinkle with passion fruit seeds. Fill the nougatine cigarette with passion fruit and white chocolate mousse at the last minute and serve immediately.

Ingredients (serves 10):

2 egg yolks
30g sugar
180g passion fruit purée
360g good quality white
chocolate, chopped
480g whipped cream, whipped
to soft peaks

100g water
250g sugar
125g glucose
100g flaked almonds

red fruit coulis
200g strawberry
sugar syrup, to taste

Seasonal fruit salad
100g strawberries
100g raspberry
100g blueberries
100g blackberries
passion fruit seeds, as needed

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